​Snack Soda Fountain
A simple way to keep your mood stable.
Bringing You Back to the Bar
Depending on your age, you may remember a time when you walked into a Pharmacy to grab a special treat: a fountain soda prepared by a "Soda Jerk". The fresh carbonation of water and flavor that many believed held medicinal properties. Fountains were decked out in marble and brass, large mirrors and elegant decorative elements such as brightly colored stained glass.  Equal to the modern day Distillery, soda fountains were in almost every city across American in 1875.  SNACK soda fountain is proud to house the oldest fountain in Boulder County, a 1920 Grauman Fountain complete with wooden arches, marble and stained glass.
We focus on natural treats:
We are proud to serve Boulder Natural Ice Cream: batch craft flavors just 5 gallons at a time creating pure mountain goodness, keeping it simple and delicious.  Backyard Soda Co. uniquely crafted syrups offer the our unique fizz using whole ingredients and fresh juices. We sell  Rowdy Mermaid Kombucha, which is anything but traditional; notably low in sugar, low acid products made from fresh herbs and flowers.
Open: 12pm to 6pm
Stop in to experience the beauty of a 1920 Grauman Soda Fountain.  The oldest functioning fountain in Boulder County CO and probably the oldest in Colorado.
Boulder Natural Ice Cream.
Backyard Soda Company.
House made soups & sandwiches.
Vegan & Vegetarian options.
We offer the traditional soda fountain drink experience: Egg Cream, Chocolate Sodas, Italian Sodas, Phosphates, Handspun Milkshakes, Sundaes.
Offering Vegan treats
Featuring gourmet grilled cheese options, soups and salads. House made waffle cones, cookies, cupcakes and so much more... you'll want SNACK in every part of your day!
A house specialty, Super Food "fudge": Paleo, Vegan (Raw) gluten free is an all organic crowd pleaser.  ​