​Snack Soda Fountain
A simple way to keep your mood stable.
SNACK Soda Fountain is proud to fizz up a retro revival in Lyons, Colorado. This historic fountain is the oldest fountain in Boulder County, and one of the few left in the state.  The soda fountain era begna back in the 1880s with the innovations of Jacob Baur, a pharmacist who developed a method for mixing remedies and flavored syrup with what was to become known as "carbonated water". While Baur and his new company, Liquid Carbonic began manufacturing complete soda fountains for pharmacies, E.S. Lyon was settling down in a little canyon just west of Longmont and north of Boulder. He noticed the unique red stones making up the mountains in the area and realized the red stone's beauty and versatility as a building material. It wasn't long before Lyons was founded as a busy quarry town. Historic buildings such as the Old Stone Church and the train depot began popping up in the valley.
Since that day, our sandstone industry has grown to a global scale with Redstone being used in places like Washington D.C. and the Universtiy of Colorado. During the Prohibition, soda shops with "nerve settling" beverages such as Coca-Cola quickly became the town's favorite gathering spot. In 1921, the Lyons Soda Fountain was established at this same corner in a town formerly home to over 10 saloons.  
In 1967, a fire destroyed the drug store building. Miraculously, the fountain, back bar and arch were saved and stored away until the current building was built five years later.  Today the soda fountain holds its own storefront instead of being stuffed between the magazine rack and the drug counter. Our fountain was made by Grauman out of Denver in 1920.  At 97 years old, she still mixes a mean soda far superior than any bottle on a wire shelf in a convience store.  Sadly, the 1970s saw the end of the soda fountain era as fast food chains took over the market, but Lyons is a special place. Here, time seems to move a little slower; cell phone reception is iffy and conversations are real. So sit back and take a trip on a reto revival in Lyons - "The Double Gateway to the Rockies."